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Why does cancer affect your eating habits?

December 30, 2021


There’s no clear answer to this question. Cancer and the treatment that follows affects everyone in a different way. Some may not have any eating problems, while others may have a minor issue. Reasons for the different responses can be based on where the cancer is in the body, what type of cancer it is, what kind of treatment you’re on and for how long. Not to mention that there are different doses you can receive. While completing treatment, some medications can be beneficial in managing any problems. Your nutritionist, doctor, or nurse can help you if you want to learn more about eating problems that may occur and how to best manage and overcome them. However, if you have questions specifically on what to eat, a dietician or a physician with specific training in nutrition are the most beneficial professionals that you can talk to. Asking questions about your favorite foods and whether you can still enjoy them is a great starter to begin conversation. You can question what patients who have had similar diagnoses have had in the past. If your current eating habits are based on other issues, such as having diabetes or kidney issues, it’ll be even more important to talk to a dietician and your doctor. If you notice any changes in your eating habits, tell your doctor as soon as possible.

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