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Why Downstate



Whenever you see marketing videos, it’s always people who are good looking, it’s always people who tell you that they work in the best place in the universe, that they care about their patients, that their patients care, patients’ groups are very diverse… So I’m not sure. I think number one, maybe just from the simple perspective of being competitive, right? Because if everybody else is doing it and you’re not, then that’s not good. But how do we really deliver the message that we are distinct? That’s a tough one. And I think that one of the things about Downstate, it’s our patients actually. It’s the patients and the people we educate. Downstate is an institution that educates more people for medical professions in the New York state than any other medical school. And also more doctors educated in Downstate stay in New York State compared to any other school.

So I think that is really a very important message. The fact that we educate most people who will actually work in the New York state. So I think that’s a very powerful aspect of what we do. And of course, we are dedicated to treatment of anybody who walks through the doors. You know, this institution, for all the right reasons, is taking care of anybody who walks through the doors of our emergency room. Is it true for all institutions in the New York area or in Brooklyn area? I’m not sure. I don’t think so. And so, we serve a purpose. The nobility of being in the business of taking care of others is fulfilled for people who choose to come to Downstate.

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