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Calling on ALL physicians to connect, collaborate, & create needed change to take back our sacred house of medicine from for-profit money hungry healthcare.

June 17, 2021

On June 5, 2021, I had the opportunity to attend an absolutely incredibly inspirational & knowledge-filled session with Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor!

As Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor zoomed with us, 60+ women physicians participating in Dr. Sunny Smith’s Empowering Women Physicians program, she challenged us to embrace our uniqueness, our individualities, our passions, our experiences, our stories, our knowledge & our power, to collectively collaborate, engage, & create the changes needed in the current healthcare system.

I firmly believe that we, as woman physicians, can & will change Medicine into a more sustainable, inclusive, honored & noble learned profession – as it once was but new & improved!

We’ll do so by connecting, educating, sharing, & collaborating. Our knowledge is power & we are badass empowered women physicians!

Working together we will activate, advocate, & unite to bring back physician autonomy & the doctor:patient relationship, putting our patients first – over middlemen profits – putting “scrubs over suits” & reclaiming our learned profession from for-profit money hungry healthcare: vertically integrated mega-monopolies!

Several attendees asked for names of grassroots physician groups that are working to rebuild our medical system in a way that will put physicians back in control (instead of healthcare administrators, insurance companies, PBMs, GPOs, non-physicians, etc) & to do so ethically & in a way that is best for all patients & for us as practicing physicians.

Connecting physicians & patients – together – we can knock down & break apart the ever growing vertically integrated monopolies by following the money & exposing “where all the money goes”. Transparency is key!

As physicians we earned & own our knowledge, & knowledge is power.


We are intelligent, capable, resilient individuals. We are voracious learners, overachievers, & accomplished leaders. We are part of the 7% of applicants that were accepted into, matriculated, & graduated from one of the only 191 accredited medical schools in the US.


It’s time we leverage our degrees, our know how, our skills, our creativity, our determination, & empower every single physician to realize their value & their worth.

To start, please watch this inspirational talk by Dr. Ellen McKnight which is part of the For Physicians By Physicians YouTube channel.

Then explore grassroots physician groups that have formed over the past few years, of which I’ve been a part, which continue to grow, & which I recommend:

On Monday, 6/7/21, I virtually attended an amazing FREE conference entitled Demystifying Healthcare Costs and listened to incredible patient & physician advocates, leaning in & discussing ways to create & implement needed change in healthcare. I listened to stories & learned how, what, & why these individuals came together, what they created: a patient care focused system that directly connects patients & physicians, lowering costs & improving outcomes, & how they did so: by removing middlemen profiteers/barriers to care – essentially streamlining an affordable sustainable fix for both patients & physicians alike.

Once available, I’ll link the replays. For now check out:

Next, read the article I wrote in September 2019, To extinguish burnout, bring back physician autonomy, which delineates how medicine has changed, the importance of regaining physician autonomy, & was published in KevinMD & shared over 7,000 times! I recently learned it’s been shared on/in multiple other sites/journals – a great example of how writing ones thoughts & ideas can reach a wide audience!

Through connecting with each other, sharing our platforms, thoughts, ideas, empowering & lending each other support, we create ripples.

Ripples become waves.

Waves combine, expand, grow, & enlarge into tsunamis.

Let’s create a Tsunami of needed change!

We, as badass women physicians, have the power, strength, moxie, & will to recreate our beloved house of medicine!

Together we are powerful.

Empowered we are unstoppable.

Let’s be the needed change.


Let’s embrace & fuel this rebellion!

Together we can & will bring back medicine‼️?❤️?

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