Roles in Radiology

At your appointment with a radiologist, you will likely interact with various people – what are the different roles in radiology?

Artificial Intelligence in Radiology

What is Radiation?

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Douglas Walled, MD


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Dr. Doug is board certified by the American Board of Radiology in Diagnostic Radiology and sub-specializes in advanced cardiac imaging, oncologic PET-CT, and nuclear medicine procedures. He is the founder of Dokter Doug Productions, LLC – an online resource for radiology residents preparing for their board examination and a senior member and an 'Impact Creator' of IEEE (the world's largest STEM organization.)

Radiology Department

Radiology Department - Where To Go

Radiology Department - Radiologist

Radiology Department - Technologist

Radiology Department – Interventional Radiologist

Radiology Department – Nuclear Medicine Physician

Radiology Department - Test Ordered

Radiology Department - CT Scan

Radiology Department - Preparation for CT Scan

Radiology Department - After CT Scan

Radiology Department - CT Scan Results

Radiology Department - X-Ray

Radiology Department - Preparation for X-ray


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