ADHD and Sleep: What’s the Connection?

Approximately 20 to 50% of people with ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) experience sleep problems - is it a cause or effect?

Can Making Up For Lost Sleep Curb Clumsiness?

Losing Sleep Over Cancer

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Smita Patel, DO

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Dr. Smita Patel is an Integrative Neurologist and sleep medicine physician, a physician leader and entrepreneur.

Myths vs. Facts

Myths vs. Facts

Can Napping Replace A Good Night's Sleep?

Many wonder, can napping replace a good night's sleep? And if you’re okay with napping, what is the best approach?

Myths vs. Facts

How Much Sleep Do You Need?

Going to bed at the same time each night is the best way to guarantee a good night's sleep. But how much sleep do you really need?

Myths vs. Facts

Marijuana As A Sleep Aid: The Facts

Is marijuana as a sleep aid a good idea? Learn about how it impacts your sleep and what the science says about it.

Lifestyle Effects

How Sleep Deprivation Affects The Body

Sleep deprivation can have effects on your body including weight gain, mood changes, and a weakened immune system.

Sleep and Heart Health

You may not have connected sleep and heart health, but not getting enough sleep may be as bad for your ticker as being overweight or smoking.

Insomnia Myths Vs. Facts

Dr. Smita Patel lists popular sleep and insomnia beliefs and explains which are myths vs. facts including alcohol, exercise, and screen time

Getting Over Jet Lag

Many people suffer from jet lag while traveling and lose sleep. What are the causes and what can be done to prevent it?



All About Melatonin and Sleep

Is Melatonin - a popular sleep aid - a good idea for people who have insomnia and how does it actually work?


Is CBD A Good Idea For Insomnia?

Studies show that while there is no strong evidence yet that CBD is a legitimate treatment for insomnia, the chemical shows promise


Natural Sleep Aids: What Does The Science Say?

If you just can’t manage to fall asleep, try out some natural sleep aids: herbs, extracts, and supplements marketed to help you doze off.

Sleep Tips

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Sleep Tips - Early Birds & Night Owls

Sleep Tips - Falling Asleep & Circadian Rhythm

Sleep Tips - Good Habits

Sleep Tips - Lights and Temperature

Sleep Tips - Medication Effects

Sleep Tips - Three Keys to Good Sleep

Sleep Tips - Shift Work Disorder

Sleep Tips - Sleep Environment

Sleep Tips - Sleeping Habits

Insomnia Video Series

Insomnia - Overview

Insomnia - Do you have Insomnia?

Insomnia - Symptoms

Insomnia - Causes

Insomnia - Diagnosis

Insomnia - Risk Factors

Insomnia - Steps to Good night's Sleep

Insomnia - Treatment

Insomnia - Medication

Insomnia - Alternative Therapies

Insomnia - Long-term Dangers

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Sleep Apnea Video Series

Sleep Apnea - Overview

Sleep Apnea - Prevalence

Sleep Apnea - Types

Sleep Apnea - Symptoms

Sleep Apnea - When to see a Doctor

Sleep Apnea - Causes

Sleep Apnea - Risk Factors

Sleep Apnea - Immediate Medical Attention

Sleep Apnea - Treatment

Sleep Apnea - Surgical Options

Sleep Apnea - Other Therapies

Sleep Apnea - Complications

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