Sleep and Heart Health

12 March, 2021

You may not have connected sleep and heart health, but not getting enough sleep may be as bad for your ticker as being overweight or smoking.

Canine Companions: How Owning A Dog May Be Good For Your Heart

13 April, 2021

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Exercise and Heart Disease

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Stress and Lack of Sleep

Mediterranean Diet

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Heart Healthy Sports for People With Diabetes

There are certain sports or exercise routines that are well suited for people with diabetes to maintain a more healthy heart.

Associated Conditions

How Obesity Affects The Heart

Being obese can lead to many health issues but one of the main ways obesity affects one’s health is how it impacts the heart.

Associated Conditions

Is Dental Health Connected To Heart Health?

Whether it's inflammation or infection, there is a connection between dental health and heart health so taking care of your teeth can help your heart.


Telehealth and Cardiology

14 April, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has made telehealth the norm in cardiology and other specialties, which comes with its benefits and challenges.

Can The Blockchain Reinvent Electronic Health Records?

13 April, 2020

Electronic records are a hot topic in the medical community as they can make it easier but is the blockchain good for storing such confidential information?

What Are The Top Cardiology Journals?

13 April, 2020

If you want to learn about cardiology, here are the top cardiology journals where you can find trusted and reliable information.

The 3 Basic Radiation Safety Principles to Help The Heart

13 April, 2020

For doctors to avoid problems with radiation, the 3 basic principles of radiation safety are time, distance, and shielding.



Can Avocados Help The Heart?

Avocados are a trendy food nowadays but are they healthy? Research shows that they may actually help your heart health and cholesterol levels.


Can Alcohol Actually Help The Heart?

When consumed in moderate amounts, certain alcoholic drinks may be beneficial to your heart health like red wine or dark beer.


Following A Plant-Based Diet Benefits Heart Health

It seems that the best way to help your heart is to eat mostly plant-based foods, but avoid sugary or salty snack foods and include fish or chicken.


HIIT and Heart Health

7 April, 2020

High intensity interval training (or HIIT) is a popular workout composed of intense interval training with short rest periods and can help your heart.

Strengthening The Core To Help The Heart

8 April, 2020

Lots of things help your heart like aerobic exercise, strength training, and a portion-controlled eating plan but strengthening your core is also great.

Higher Rates of Atrial Fibrillation in Former NFL Players

24 January, 2021

According to new research by the American Heart Association, former NFL players are 6 times more likely to have atrial fibrillation (AFib) than similarly aged men who did not play football.

Cardiological Health Dangers of Steroids

6 April, 2020

Steroids may be tempting for athletes to get an edge but they can have devastating effects on your body, including your cardiological health.


Heart Health

Listen To The Heart: The Effects Of Noise Pollution

Sitting in traffic is never ideal but research shows that chronic noise exposure can be damaging to heart health.

Heart Health

Can Watching Sports Cause a Heart Attack?

Research is now discovering links between increased heart attack risks and watching sports.

Heart Health

Is Optimism Good For The Heart?

Optimism not only helps you feel better about the future but research shows that positivity can actually help your heart health.


An Overview of Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Devices

14 April, 2021

There are various cardiovascular implantable electronic devices including pacemakers, Implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs), and Subcutaneous ICDs.

Apple Watches and EKGs

13 April, 2020

Apple Watches serve many functions but one important one for people with atrial fibrillation or other heart issues is as an EKG (electrocardiogram).

How AI Can Predict Heart Attacks and Strokes

7 April, 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming medicine and is now being used to predict when patients are at risk for having a heart attack or stroke.

Can Technology Prevent or Reduce Heart Attacks?

24 March, 2020

You might be able to use technology like smartphones to help you self-monitor your heart rate and potentially prevent or reduce heart attacks.

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