High-Intensity Exercise Found to Improve Memory in Elderly

A recent study has found that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can improve memory performance in older adults.

Air Quality and Dementia: What’s the Relationship?

Can PET Scans Detect Alzheimer’s Disease?

Neurology Channel Welcome

Neurology Channel Welcome



Posture and Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem, especially as people get older, but there are ways to promote good posture that can help prevent symptoms.

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Back Pain: Is It Mind Over Matter?

Research shows that in dealing with back pain, mindfulness and stress reduction can help alleviate symptoms and yield positive results.


Technology For Spinal Cord Injury Sufferers

GTX Medical, a MedTech company that develops innovative devices and therapies, has started work on a groundbreaking new treatment for spinal cord injuries.


Breakthrough In Pediatric Brain Tumor Research

A team of researchers has created a new series of innovative models that represent different types of pediatric brain tumors.

Pediatric Migraines and Sleep Disorders

Studies show that pediatric migraines and sleep disorders can be closely linked, so parents and children need to be aware of treatments and prevention.

Surgery For Pediatric Trigeminal Neuralgia

While surgery is generally the last resort, for children with pediatric trigeminal neuralgia surgery may be the first option.

Brain Tumors In Children

Pediatric brain tumors can be scary but knowing how to identify the signs and symptoms in a child can drastically improve their chances of survival.



Stroke vs. Aneurysm

While many people seem to use the terms “stroke” and “aneurysm” interchangeably, the truth is that a stroke and an aneurysm are not the same thing at all.


Can A Bee Sting Cause A Stroke?

Because a brain hemorrhage can be induced by honeybee venom, strokes - while rare - are a credible risk when dealing with bee stings.


First Aid for Strokes: What To Do?

Even without a first aid course, there are some basic things one can do if someone is having a stroke that can be life saving before the paramedics arrive.

Seizures & Tremors

Brain Cell Study and Epilepsy Treatment

Research shows that genes in people with epilepsy behave differently than in those without it, which could lead to new treatments for drug-resistant epilepsy.

Types of Epileptic Seizures

The Epilepsy Foundation classifies these types of seizures into three distinct groups - learn about what they are and what to do if someone has one.

All About Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease, or PD, is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that can lead to both physical and mental decline.

Tremors: What Can They Mean?

Tremors are characterized by involuntary shaking of the hands and there are three main types. Learn about causes and treatments.


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Brain Tumor Warning Signs

There are a variety of warning signs and physical symptoms that can indicate a brain tumor - be sure to look out for them and contact a doctor if necessary.


Can Scorpion Venom Help With Brain Tumors?

Scientists are hoping to use scorpion venom to act as a "tumor paint" to help identify pediatric brain tumors and aid in cancer research.


Brain Surgery Questions Answered

It's not brain surgery - unless it is. Learn the answers to brain surgery questions including how risky it is and what types there are.

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