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Recently, researchers discovered the surprising way a trio of cannabis compounds shut down the spread of the COVID virus.

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How Does Having COVID Affect Your Immunity?

COVID - Antibody Test

COVID-19 Vaccine

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Covid - Approved Booster Shots

Covid - Why get Vaccinated?

Covid - Virus Mechanism

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COVID-19 Webcast: Our Sense Of Connection This Valentine's Day w/ Dr. Roopak Khara

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COVID-19 Webcast: Mental Health and COVID in the U.S. Prison System w/ Dr. Christine Montross

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COVID-19 Webcast: Surgical Perspectives on the COVID Pandemic w/ Dr. David Shapiro

COVID-19 Webcast: The Nursing Home Tragedy w/ Nurse Christine Tardiff and Dr. Meg Maguchi and Dr. Gagandeep Singh

COVID-19 Webcast: Racial/Ethnic Disparities in NYC w/ Dr. Sarah Nosal and Dr. Daniel Napolitano

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COVID-19 Webcast: Critical Care During A Crisis w/ Dr. Luke Davis

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Frequently Asked Questions


Are COVID-19 Antibody Tests Inaccurate?

According to the CDC, current antibody test results may not be accurate and not enough is known about the presence of antibodies and COVID-19 immunity.


Can COVID-19 Be Sexually Transmitted?

While scientists are still researching whether COVID-19 can be sexually transmitted, it can definitely spread from close contact with infected people, so sex with new partners is always risky.


COVID-19 Made in a Lab? A Popular Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory Debunked

There is a conspiracy theory that COVID-19 was made in a lab in China, possibly as a biological weapon but this has been debunked by science.

Pandemic Life

Doctors Advise Women to Delay Mammograms for a Month After COVID Vaccines

Doctors advise women to delay mammograms for a month or two after COVID vaccines because a side effect of the vaccine may mimic a common symptom of breast cancer.

Losing Sleep Over COVID-19

Because lack of slumber increases the risk of infection, it makes the sleep deprived vulnerable to (SARS-CoV-2) –– the virus that causes COVID-19.

COVID-19 & Air Pollution

Studies show that air pollution facilitates transmission of COVID-19 and that improving air quality can play an important role in overcoming the pandemic.

8 Positive Updates on the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought many sad and devastating developments but here are 8 positive updates and we can hope for more.



COVID-19 and Blood Clotting

As we continue to learn more about the novel coronavirus, doctors have been noticing an increase in blood clotting in hospitalized COVID-19 patients


COVID Long Haulers

Some patients with COVID-19 called "long haulers" have found themselves with symptoms that persist well beyond the usual timespan for a symptomatic patient.


COVID-19 and Long-Term Lung Damage

COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease that can cause long term damage to your lungs in the form of pneumonia and scarring.

Treatments & Prevention

Neurological Disease and The Coronavirus Vaccines

As countries worldwide begin to roll out the various coronavirus vaccines, people suffering from neurological diseases have been anxious to know what the vaccine might mean for them.

The COVID-19 Vaccine and Rheumatic Diseases: What to Know

Many people have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine and potential side effects. Here are doctor-approved answers about rheumatic diseases and medications.

Coronavirus Vaccine: All You Need to Know

The coronavirus vaccines being distributed went through the entire research and development process quickly, so many people have questions about them. Learn all about them here.

How is the COVID Vaccine Different From Previous Vaccines?

The messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines used against COVID-19 are radically different. For one thing, they don’t use the virus at all.

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