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COVID-19 Webcast: Latest Developments in Immunology and Vaccine Breakthroughs w/ Dr. Shiv Pillai

COVID-19 Webcast: COVID-19 in Children and Adolescents

COVID-19 Webcast: Combatting Healthcare Disparities w/ Dr. Jackie Eubany & Dr. Khama Ennis

COVID-19 Webcast: National Policy During The Pandemic w/ Rep. Raul Ruiz MD, MPH, MPP

COVID-19 Webcast: Surgical Perspectives on the COVID Pandemic w/ Dr. David Shapiro

COVID-19 Webcast: The Nursing Home Tragedy w/ Nurse Christine Tardiff and Dr. Meg Maguchi and Dr. Gagandeep Singh

COVID-19 Webcast: Racial/Ethnic Disparities in NYC w/ Dr. Sarah Nosal and Dr. Daniel Napolitano

COVID-19 Webcast: Healthcare Economics of COVID-19 w/ Dr. Mark Esposito

COVID-19 Webcast: End of Life Care w/ Dr. Shoshana Ungerleider

COVID-19 Webcast: Mental Health Crisis in NYC and Abroad w/ Dr. Victoria Ngo

COVID-19 Webcast: How to Reopen Society w/ Dr. Ashwin Balagopal

COVID-19 Webcast: Mental Health During COVID-19 w/ Dr. Jessica Gold

COVID-19 Webcast: Physicians In Training w/ Dr. Omar Maniya, Dr. Haig Aintablian, Medical Student Faizah Shareef

COVID-19 Webcast: What It Means For Your Family w/ Dr. Brian Bluth

COVID-19 Webcast: The Future of COVID-19 w/ Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding

COVID-19 Webcast: One Family Of Clinicians

COVID-19 Webcast: Crisis In Italy w/ Dr. Silvia Magnani

COVID-19 Webcast: Emergency Medicine & COVID-19 w/ Dr. Ashely Alker

COVID-19 Webcast: Critical Care During A Crisis w/ Dr. Luke Davis

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Featured Articles

COVID-19 & Air Pollution

21 August, 2020

Studies show that air pollution facilitates transmission of COVID-19 and that improving air quality can play an important role in overcoming the pandemic.

New Treatment Could Turn COVID-19 Into Common Cold

19 October, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions


Are COVID-19 Antibody Tests Inaccurate?

According to the CDC, current antibody test results may not be accurate and not enough is known about the presence of antibodies and COVID-19 immunity.


Can COVID-19 Be Sexually Transmitted?

While scientists are still researching whether COVID-19 can be sexually transmitted, it can definitely spread from close contact with infected people, so sex with new partners is always risky.


COVID-19 Made in a Lab? A Popular Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory Debunked

There is a conspiracy theory that COVID-19 was made in a lab in China, possibly as a biological weapon but this has been debunked by science.

Pandemic Life

How To Work From Home

24 March, 2020

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, many people are working from home for the first time. Learn about how to get the right equipment, work/life balance, and more to do this successfully.

How Can The 2020 NFL Season Happen Safely?

18 May, 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many things have been shut down - including sports. Many are asking: how can the 2020 NFL season happen safely?

Going Viral: Tech Giants vs. COVID-19

9 July, 2020

Tech and Internet giants like Google, Amazon, and Twitter have had to take steps to address the COVID-19 pandemic in various ways.

COVID-19: Sending Children Back To School

2 June, 2020

Schools have been closed due to COVID-19 but it has and will continue to have devastating social and economic impacts. How and when should they re-open?



COVID-19 and Blood Clotting

As we continue to learn more about the novel coronavirus, doctors have been noticing an increase in blood clotting in hospitalized COVID-19 patients


What Are The Symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

The symptoms of the coronavirus (COVID-19) range from person to person and some people can even have and spread it without presenting symptoms.


COVID-19 and Long-Term Lung Damage

COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease that can cause long term damage to your lungs in the form of pneumonia and scarring.

Treatments & Prevention

Can The Common Steroid Dexamethasone Reduce COVID-19 Deaths?

9 July, 2020

Researchers found that dexamethasone - a common, inexpensive steroid - was able to prevent a large number of COVID deaths in severely ill patients.

New Treatment Could Turn COVID-19 Into Common Cold

19 October, 2020

Researchers have discovered that an inexpensive, widely available cholesterol-lowering medication could turn COVID-19 into something akin to the common cold

When Will We Get a Vaccine for the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

7 August, 2020

We're all waiting on a vaccine for COVID-19 but is it realistically on the horizon?

Facemasks, Gloves, Hand Sanitizer: How To Protect Against The Coronavirus?

7 August, 2020

Everyone is looking to protect themselves from getting the coronavirus (COVID-19) with facemasks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and other items. Does it work?

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