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Leading Voices

Hosted by Daniel Lobell, each episode of Doctorpedia’s Leading Voices podcast (40-60 minutes) is a free flowing interview with one specialist where you can learn about everything from their journey to medicine to stories on the job and even delve into their personal lives and passions.

Invited Expert

Donald H. Mayes, MD


Psychiatry, Vegas, and UFOs w/ Dr. Donald H. Mayes

Psychiatrist Dr. Donald H. Mayes talks about going to medical school in the Caribbean, how COVID and technology have affected psychiatry, living in Vegas, UFOs, and more.

Invited Expert

Grant Brenner, MD


Psychoanalysis and Comedy w/ Dr. Grant Brenner, MD

Psychiatrist Dr. Grant Brenner talks about his work with a crisis response team, his early interest in the mind, the psychology of jokes, shadow work, his photography hobby, and more.

Invited Expert

Felecia Froe, MD


Urology and Investing w/ Dr. Felecia Froe, MD

Urologist Felecia Froe, MD talks about her travels around the United States, her journey to becoming a urologist, her investments in real estate, bladder cancer prevention, the doctor-patient relationship, and more.

Invited Expert

Joseph Saveika, MD


From Pipe Fitter to Physiatrist w/ Dr. Joseph Saveika

Physiatrist Dr. Joseph Saveika talks about his past as a pipe fitter’s apprentice, his current job as a physiatrist, advice he lives by, his daily workout routine, newly emerging medical technologies, and more.

Invited Expert

Dana C. Rice, MD


Water, UTIs, and Kidney Stones w/ Dr. Dana C. Rice

Urologist Dr. Dana Rice talks about misconceptions related to UTIs, developing her UTI Tracker App, Kidney Stones, and more.

Invited Expert

Ramnik Patel, MD

Neonatal and Pediatric Surgeon

Healing The World w/ Dr. Ramnik Patel

Neonatal and Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Ramnik Patel speaks about learning and practicing medicine around the world including in India, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Indian festivals, why Doctorpedia is important, and more.

Invited Expert

Joanna Drowos, DO

Family Medicine

Integrative Medicine and Musicals w/ Dr. Joanna Drowos

Family Medicine Physician Dr. Joanna Drowos talks about her passion for prevention, the mind-body connection, her introduction to medicine at an early age, challenges in the doctor-patient relationship, her love for Broadway musicals, and more.

Invited Expert

Dana Tarcatu, MD

Palliative Care

Palliative Care, Mindfulness, and Elephants w/ Dr. Dana Tarcatu

Palliative Care specialist Dr. Dana Tarcatu talks about palliative care, meditation, the interconnectedness of everything, elephants, and more

Invited Expert

Joseph J. Bennett, MD

Surgical Oncology

General Surgery and Relationship Advice w/ Dr. Joseph J. Bennett

General Surgeon/Surgical Oncologist Dr. Joseph J. Bennett talks about coping with his father’s absence, the role of fear in the operating room, his approach to delivering bad news, his photography hobby, his tips for a stable relationship, and more.

Invited Expert

Daisy A. Ayim, MD

Cosmetic Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Plastic Surgery w/ Dr. Daisy Ayim

OB/GYN and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Daisy Ayim talks about her journey to specializing in both OB/GYN and plastic surgery, her movie-like birth experience, how much she loves going to the gym every day, the importance of nutrition, Cameroonian cuisine, and more.

Invited Expert

Curtis J. Coley II, MD

Critical Care

Critical Care Superheroes w/ Dr. Curtis Coley II

Critical Care Specialist Dr. Curtis J. Coley II talks about his early interest in problem-solving, his late father’s influence on his life, why he loves his profession, his role as a healthcare administrator, things on the horizon in critical care medicine, and more.

Invited Expert

Barry Shibuya, MD


Sensible Living and Rheumatology w/ Dr. Barry Shibuya

Rheumatologist Dr. Barry Shibuya talks about living in Hawaii, establishing a thriving rheumatology practice, his SENSE approach to losing weight and keeping mind and body fit and healthy, the importance of making small and sustainable changes that you can keep up on a long-term basis and more.

Invited Expert

Kasia Hein-Peters, MD

Global Health

Global Health & Global Travel w/ Dr. Kasia Hein-Peters

Global Health and Vaccines specialist Dr. Kasia Hein-Peters talks about operating on teddy bears, working in Poland, France and America, working in big pharma, the importance of vaccinations, her love of hiking, photographing ghost towns, writing haikus, and more.

Invited Expert

Jason Mann, DMD


Going To The Dentist w/ Dr. Jason Mann

Dentist Dr. Jason Mann talks about using Botox therapy to treat TMJ, the importance of good oral hygiene, how to limit cavities, creating a synergy between dentistry and medicine, and more.

Invited Expert

Thomas E. Waggoner, DO


The Heart of the Matter w/ Dr. Thomas Waggoner

Cardiologist Dr. Thomas Waggoner talks about heart health, innovations and cutting edge technology in cardiothoracic surgery, his love for football, and more.

Invited Expert

Catrina N. Luca, MD


The Psychiatrist’s Magic Wand w/ Dr. Catrina N. Luca

Psychiatrist Dr. Catrina N. Luca talks about working as an integrative psychiatrist, validating her patients, ADHD, parent-centric parenting, and more.

Invited Expert

Caroline M. Webber, DDS

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

The Wisdom of Teeth w/ Dr. Caroline Webber

Oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Caroline Webber talks about her military service, wisdom teeth and why they need to be removed, the importance of dental hygiene, new innovations in dentistry, and more.

Invited Expert

Peter Baik, DO

Thoracic Surgery

Understanding Cancer w/ Dr. Peter Baik

Thoracic Surgeon Dr. Peter Baik talks about his side interest in aeronautical engineering, his own field of thoracic surgery and its rapid acceleration, what exactly cancer is, the importance of lung cancer screening, and more.

Invited Expert

Guillaume Dumont, MD, MBA

Orthopedic Surgery

Fixing Hips and Playing Football w/ Dr. Guillaume Dumont

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Guillaume Dumont talks about his youth in Montreal, his experience as a football player in the States, new developments in orthopedic surgery and healthcare in general, his personal philosophy as a doctor, and more.

Invited Expert

Paul Scheinberg, MD


Lung Care and Minesweeping w/ Dr. Paul Scheinberg

Pulmonologist Dr. Paul Scheinberg talks about his military adventures in Vietnam and Israel, the prevention of different lung conditions, an in-flight health scare, new pulmonary technologies, and more.

Invited Expert

Nathan Merriman, MD


Gut Health and The Doctor-Patient Connection w/ Dr. Nathan Merriman

Gastroenterologist Dr. Nathan Merriman talks about the difficult events he experienced throughout his life and how he coped with them, how he connects with his patients, the best ways to improve your gut health, the benefits of a stool transplant, and more.

Invited Expert

Ruchi Garg, MD

Gynecologic Oncology

A Unique Perspective on Gyn-Oncology w/ Dr. Ruchi Garg

Gynecologic Oncologist Dr. Ruchi Garg talks about her early immigration from India to the US, the specifics of her work and why she loves it, new breakthroughs in oncology and genetics, the growing role of technology in the healthcare sector, and more.

Invited Expert

Thomas J. McDonagh Jr. MD


Pediatrics and Common Sense w/ Dr. Thomas J. McDonagh Jr.

Pediatrician Dr. Thomas J. McDonagh Jr. talks about his early interest in pediatrics, the role religion plays in his life, his approaches to treating patients, how sometimes doing nothing is the best medicine, and more.

Invited Expert

Daniel T. Layish, MD


Healthy Lungs w/ Dr. Daniel T. Layish

Pulmonologist Dr. Daniel T. Layish talks about new treatments for sleep apnea, the effects of COVID-19 and vaping on the lungs, lung transplants, rare lung diseases, and more.

Invited Expert

Kevin Tin, MD


The Ins and Outs of Gastroenterology w/ Dr. Kevin Tin

Gastroenterologist Dr. Kevin Tin talks about his unconventional youth, the important role of probiotics and the gut microbiome, his fight on behalf of under-represented populations, new developments in gastroenterology and hepatology, and more.

Invited Expert

Bhumi Upadhyay, MD


Pediatrics and Parenting w/ Dr. Bhumi Upadhyay

Pediatrician Dr. Bhumi Upadhyay talks about Indian food, why she chose pediatrics, modern-day behavioral conditions, her parenting methods of choice, and more.

Invited Expert

Boykin Robinson, MD

Emergency Medicine

The Future of Emergency Medicine w/ Dr. Boykin Robinson

Emergency Medicine Physician Dr. Boykin Robinson talks about his early interest in medicine, the inefficiencies of the emergency department and his ideas to change them, his company and its goals, and more.

Invited Expert

Smita Patel, DO

Sleep Medicine

Sleep Talk w/ Dr. Smita Patel

Integrative Neurologist and Sleep Physician Dr. Smita Patel talks about the importance of sleep, how to practice good sleep hygiene, how she takes care of her physical and mental health, and more.

Invited Expert

Rubaiya Mallay, DO, FACR, FACOI


Breaking Down Rheumatology w/ Dr. Rubaiya Mallay

Rheumatologist Dr. Rubaiya Mallay talks about her childhood adventures in Bangladesh and around the world, the specifics of autoimmune diseases, the challenges she faces in her work life, her love for laughter, and more.

Invited Expert

Usman Zahir, MD

Orthopedic Spine Surgery

Spine Talk w/ Dr. Usman Zahir

Spine Surgeon Dr. Usman Zahir talks about his childhood in Maryland, studying archaeology in college, the uses of endoscopic spine surgery, the importance of flexibility, and more.

Invited Expert

Henry P. Barham, MD


A Taste Test To Predict COVID-19 Outcomes w/ Dr. Henry P. Barham

Dr. Henry P. Barham talks about his hallmark study published in JAMA that outlines a correlation between results of a simple at-home taste test and symptom severity and duration from COVID-19 and other viral illnesses.

Invited Expert

Ulrike Berth, MD


Putting People to Sleep w/ Dr. Ulrike Berth

Anesthesiologist Dr. Ulrike Berth talks about her childhood in East Germany, her passion for anesthesia, her fear of snakes, her solution for insomnia, and more.

Invited Expert

Michelle Goñi, MD

Diagnostic Radiology

Radiology and Spirituality w/ Dr. Michelle Goñi

Radiologist Dr. Michelle Goñi talks about growing up as a Latina in New York, why she chose radiology, her Peloton obsession, her spiritual side, and more.

Invited Expert

Paul Saiz, MD

Orthopedic Spine Surgery

Spinal Surgery and Skeletons w/ Dr. Paul Saiz

Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Paul Saiz talks about his experiences as a medical student, advances in spinal surgery, a billion-dollar idea, his love for Hispanic culture, and more.

Invited Expert

Madeleine Biondolillo, MD

Public Health

Healthy Aging w/ Dr. Madeleine Biondolillo

Dr. Madeleine Biondolillo talks about the impact of COVID on seniors, their family members and healthcare workers, precision nutrition, QUEST 2020, and more.

Invited Expert

Amit Mehta, MD

Pain Management

Pain Management w/ Dr. Amit Mehta

Interventional pain management physician Dr. Amit Mehta talks about treating chronic pain, the role of social media in the rising levels of chronic pain, intermittent fasting, and more.

Invited Expert

Priti Parekh, MD

Obesity Medicine

Destigmatizing Obesity and the Four Rules of Health Model w/ Dr. Priti Parekh

Obesity Medicine Physician Dr. Priti Parekh talks about growing up in India, moving to America, specializing in obesity treatment, her holistic approach to chronic health issues and more

Invited Expert

Mary Leung, MD

Medical Oncology

Cancer Care w/ Dr. Mary Leung

Oncologist and hematologist Dr. Mary Leung talks about her immigration from Hong Kong to America, her journey to becoming an oncologist, her desire to help her patients, the difficulty of losing patients to cancer, and more

Invited Expert

Craig Zalvan, MD


Ear, Nose, and Throat w/ Dr. Craig Zalvan

ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) Physician Dr. Craig Zalvan talks about educating young singers, GERD, LPR reflux, the importance of eating a plant-based mediterranean style diet, and much more

Invited Expert

Dr. Inna Lazar


Optometry and the Beauty of Eyes w/ Dr. Inna Lazar

Optometrist Dr. Inna Lazar talks about the health of your eyes, your vision, the importance of routine eye exams, social media, and more.

Invited Expert

David Canes, MD


Urology and the Art of Surgery w/ Dr. David Canes

Urologist Dr. David Canes talks about urology, robotic prostatectomies, the privilege of being a surgeon, how COVID has affected his work, and more

Invited Expert

Til Jolly, MD

Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine w/ Dr. Til Jolly

Emergency Medicine Physician Dr. Til Jolly talks about treating COVID patients and the adrenaline and routine of practicing emergency medicine.

Invited Expert

Chhavi Gandhi, MD

Allergy & Immunology

All About Allergies w/ Dr. Chhavi Gandhi

Allergist-Immunologist Dr. Chhavi Gandhi talks about all types of allergies, the COVID vaccines, and what she does to stay healthy.

Invited Expert

Qasim A. Butt, MD


Kidney Health & GOAT Comedians w/ Dr. Qasim Butt

Dr. Qasim Butt talks about kidney health, what led him to study medicine, how to stay healthy, his love for comedy, and more.

Invited Expert

Steven Gange, MD


Men’s Health & Human Plumbers w/ Dr. Steven Gange

Urologist Dr. Steven Gange talks about men’s health, the UroLift procedure he performs, and the importance of drinking water.

Invited Expert

Douglas Walled, MD

Diagnostic Radiology

CAT Scans & Comic Books w/ Dr. Doug Walled

Radiologist Dr. Douglas Walled talks about his journey to diagnostic radiology, what radiology actually is, and his near-death experience

Invited Expert

Nassir Azimi, MD, FACC, FSCAI, FASNC


Laughter Is The Best Medicine w/ Dr. Nassir Azimi

Cardiologist Dr. Nassir Azimi talks about his journey to medicine from his childhood as a refugee from Afghanistan and how his love of comedy helps him with his patients.

Invited Expert

David Armstrong, DPM, MD, PhD

Podiatric Surgeon

The Gift Of Pain w/ Dr. David Armstrong

Podiatric surgeon Dr. David Armstrong talks about following in his father's footsteps, an exciting gene therapy study, and explains why pain can be a gift for people with diabetic foot ulcers.

Invited Expert

Terri Faith, PhD

Clinical Psychology

The Arsenal Of Thoughts w/ Dr. Terri Faith

Psychologist Dr. Terri Faith talks about overwriting personal narratives, the arsenal of thoughts to combat anxiety, and how Buddhist principles and cognitive behavioral therapy can help people learn about themselves and their identities.

Invited Expert

Matthew Russo, MD

Orthopedic Surgery

Robot Replacements For Joint Replacement Surgery? w/ Dr. Matthew Russo

Dr. Matthew Russo talks about being a third generation orthopedic surgeon, the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle, and exciting developments in surgery technology and stem cell research.

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