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Dyslexic And UN-Stoppable: How Dyslexia Helps Us Create The Life Of Our Dreams And How You Can Too!

Does your child have difficulty with reading? Is your child’s teacher complaining about behavior or attention issues? Does your child have speech issues? Is writing a chore for your child? Could your child be dyslexic?


You are in luck. This book is not just another book about dyslexia. It is unique because it comes with video tutorials to help you with reading, writing, spelling, math and much more. This book shows you how Lucie Curtiss, a Dyslexic woman, developed tools and strategies to become a successful businesswoman. She then honed these tools as she helped her Dyslexic son excel at school. Lucie then enrolled her husband, Dr. Douglas Curtiss, a Yale-trained pediatrician, to contribute to this book. Together they show you how to implement these strategies in your life so that your Dyslexic child can be UN-Stoppable.


(As a way of giving back, 10% of all proceeds will be placed in the Dyslexic And UN-Stoppable Children’s Assistance Fund, where parents can enter to be awarded a collection of excellent assistive products for children with dyslexia – See www.dyslexicandunstoppable.com/dyslexic-and-un-stoppable-childrens-assistance-fund)

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