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Episode 21: Personal Stories- Dr. Maneesha Ahluwalia

Dr. Maneesha Ahluwalia is a Certified Life Coach and Board Certified Infectious Disease and Internal Medicine physician. After miscarriages and more miscarriages, she was given the simultaneous diagnoses of infertility, overweight, pre-diabetic, insulin resistance, PCOS, hypothyroidism, Vitamin D, and Iron deficiency by her reproductive endocrinologist, and she was determined to get into better health. She achieved and maintains her weight loss through food and lifestyle changes. Her why and her mindset continue to fuel her actions and results: no yo-yo dieting since she started her weight loss journey in 2017. She shares her story for others to know that they are not alone.


She offers coaching around urges, desires, cravings, and weight loss and can be reached via email: maneesha17@gmail.comInstagram, or on Facebook

Head to www.decodingobesity.com for show notes and more information!

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