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Lanikai Wellness Studio welcomes integrative health and holistic physician

June 25, 2021

Lanikai Wellness Studio welcomes Dr. Pinky Bora Saikia to its team.

A holistic wellness studio near Lewes and Milton, Lanikai offers a wide range of services spanning Ayurvedic wellness consulting, traditional and Ayurvedic massage therapy, shamanic healing and medicine, crystal therapy, past life therapy, as well as a host of classes, workshops and trainings in yoga, meditation and spirituality, and now holistic and integrative concierge medicine.

Bora Saikia is board-certified in internal medicine. After having completed medical residency in India in 2000, she came to the United States to pursue further medical training. She graduated from former University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, now Rutgers University, in 2009. She is an established and highly skilled physician with more than 10 years of experience in internal medicine, having offered services to Delaware communities for over seven years.

Bora Saikia said, “My passion is driven by the early bond I built with my grandfather, who was an Ayurvedic medicine practitioner. I assisted him in his traditional house visits to patients over the course of their lives. I was inspired by the joy he brought to the community keeping them happy and healthy. I am now looking to incorporate the same philosophy of treating patients as a whole that includes physical, mental and emotional well-being. I am an ardent yoga seeker and have completed inner engineering offered by Isha Foundation and practice daily Shambavi Kriya to balance work and life”.

She brings a warm-hearted approach to traditional medicine, and provides holistic and integrative solutions for those seeking alternative means for medicine. With her upbringing and background in Ayurveda she smoothly integrates Ayurvedic practices, herbs, supplements and oils into her patient offerings along with traditional medicine. By moving away from conventional medical practice driven by insurance and pharmaceuticals, and stepping into holistic concierge, Bora Saikia is able to take time to connect with each patient on an individual level.

For new clients, she is offering an introductory initial wellness exam for $225 until Sunday, June 30. Also available is a monthly membership fee structure that includes unlimited access to the doctor via emails/texts and monthly checkups.

Lanikai Wellness Studio aims to make holistic and integrative wellness offerings affordable for all. To discuss sliding scale offerings for those with income limitations, call 302-643-2364. To book directly, go to www.LanikaiWellness.com.

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