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February 17, 2021

What a difference a year makes…

When the pandemic began last year, the US saw a huge surge in violence and crimes against Asian Americans. One source out of New York has reported a 1900% rise. And with the new year, these acts of hate and racism have unfortunately continued – especially against our elderly. Over the past few weeks, an elderly Filipino woman was punched in San Diego, CA; a 91 year old Asian man was shoved to the ground in Oakland, CA; a 61 year old Filipino man had his face slashed in NYC; and an 84 year old Thai man was killed in San Francisco, CA.

These acts are horrifying and frightening. These victims could have been my own parents or grandparents.

I understand that people are frustrated, but despite our differences in appearances and backgrounds, we are in this together. Hatred is a virus worse than COVID, and IS NOT and WILL NOT be the answer.

What you can do: 1. If you witness attacks, speak up (if it is safe for you to) and/or report them at Stop AAPI Hate. 2. Offer to help escort elderly neighbors (if you live in Northern California, you can volunteer at Compassion in Oakland). 3. Consider donating to organizations committed to protecting Asian American communities like HATEISAVIRUS and Advancing Justice.

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