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Yes to Yoga!

June 25, 2021

Yearning for yoga?  Have those words never left your lips?

You’re not alone.  The fear of trying a new exercise in a group setting can send chills up the least self-conscious person.  But this is no gimmick hiding behind a veneer of unattainable and ill-purposed goals like rapid weight loss.

Yoga is 4,500 years old.  It’s more relevant today than at any other time in history.  The principles that form the foundation of Yoga have been developed over a lengthy course of trial, error and success.

There have been countless anecdotal reports of Yoga affecting chronic diseases over the past century with the advent of modernized western medicine.  Now, more formal, peer-reviewed studies are being published showcasing the beneficial effects of Yoga.  Specifically, in the realm of those fighting chronic disease and the improvement of immune functions.  For example, one study showed a decrease in distress and an increase in functional performance.  Another study showed a positive effect on immunological indicators.  This complements the more well-known benefits like improved cardiovascular health, respiration and increased muscle strength.

We encourage you to start your Yoga journey today if you’re suffering from kidney disease.  As always with a new exercise, start in moderation and build according to your physical abilities.  Community centers or community fitness centers are a fantastic place to start as they are sure to have beginner courses.  Yoga studios will also offer beginner level classes but may be more expensive.  Most Yoga studios will offer a reduced introductory rate for first time students.  Please contact us if you need assistance locating the right location and class.

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