How Does Doctorpedia Work?

At Doctorpedia, we believe that everyone should have access to clear and concise healthcare information. We have produced over 6,000 videos that have had more than 10 million engagements across our digital platforms and are uniquely positioned to build the biggest doctor-led library of healthcare videos in the world.

We are passionate about improving doctor-patient communication and producing content that allows doctors to educate their patients and the public in clear and engaging ways. With our mobile-first and easy to use suite of video tools and technology, doctors can educate patients while saving time, increasing revenue, and producing better outcomes.


Doctorpedia provides doctors with a suite of tools and applications to share credible health information with patients anytime and anywhere. Our bite-sized videos are easy to understand and produced by our ever expanding community of board certified doctors. Our team of digital experts specialize in producing, optimizing, and distributing doctor-made video content. Our mobile-friendly and easy-to-use platform and products help doctors connect with patients at every step of the doctor-patient interaction.


Videos are a key aspect of our solution, since they are easily accessible and help people learn better than text. Unfortunately, the videos that users find online and on social media platforms are often untrustworthy and misleading. Our videos feature board certified doctors who are passionate about health education and excellent communicators. Our products help doctors connect with their patients, a global audience, and their peers to combat misinformation and share their expertise with the people they want to reach.

What Are Prescription Videos?

With our Prescription Videos product, we give doctors the tools to produce and distribute videos for their patients that answer questions doctors are routinely asked at each step of the doctor-patient interaction. Doctors in our community can either use our existing library of videos or produce them with us to film and upload on their own devices with our easy-to-use publishing tools.


These videos seamlessly integrate into patient portals, EHRs & other messaging tools for doctors and offices to share with their patients in waiting rooms, pre and post-op, and upon discharge for patients to watch whenever and wherever they need answers. Patients, caregivers, and loved ones can refer back to videos when they need answers and in the comfort of their own homes, leading to better outcomes and comprehension. With prescription videos, doctors can:


  • Prepare their patients and maximize in-office time by providing videos that answer common questions before appointments.
  • Educate their patients with videos about conditions, tests, and procedures to provide a comprehensive overview of what they can expect.
  • Empower their patients with videos about when to schedule follow ups, lifestyle tips, and how treatment works to improve compliance and decrease liability risks.

What Are Care Journeys?

Care Journeys guide a person on our website through a condition with step by step videos from doctors who specialize in the area. Doctors in our community get access to our team of digital media experts who help write, produce, edit, and distribute their videos on Doctorpedia and across the web.


The patient-friendly experience is customized for mobile, tablet, and desktop users. Videos are tailor-made and optimized for every digital platform and audience to reach people whenever and wherever they need answers.

Who Are You?

Behind Doctorpedia is a group of leading doctors with a breadth of backgrounds, experiences and specialities. Each of our 100+ founding members has invested in the vision, transparency, and mission of combating misinformation. 


Key physician leaders include Dr. Pracha Eamranond (Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School and former editor for UpToDate), Dr. Hala Sabry (Emergency Medicine doctor & founder of the largest online community of 113,000 women physician parents) and Dr. Sanjay Juneja (Social Media Educator & Medical Influencer with 500,000+ followers @TheOncDoc).


We also have an esteemed group of advisors who have vast amounts of healthcare experience including Dr. Joseph Alpert (Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Medicine), Richard Averbuch (Former Chief Marketing Officer at Massachusetts General Hospital) and Jed Beitler (Former Worldwide Chairman and CEO of Sudler & Hennessey).

Why Do Patients Need Doctorpedia?

To Find Credible Information – People trust board certified doctors and want to learn directly from reliable sources online.

To Learn From Their Doctors – Patients can watch their doctors’ Prescription Videos before and after appointments to reduce anxiety, increase adherence, and improve outcomes.

To Navigate Urgent Health Concerns – Patients with chronic conditions or undergoing procedures can access intuitive step-by-step video series with doctor-led guidance for each critical juncture of the Care Journey.

Why Do Doctors & Hospitals Need Doctorpedia?

To Optimize Time With Patients – Doctor-led videos solve the issues of insufficient time, adherence, and staying connected.

To Create Content – We help doctors who lack the time, resources, and digital knowhow to produce content on their own.

To Build An Online Brand – Our tools distribute doctors’ content to the right patients at the right time and grow their digital footprint.

To Improve Outcomes – We support doctors in their day-to-day practice of medicine with mobile-friendly and easy-to-use clinical workflow tools to better educate their patients, reduce readmissions, and improve patient satisfaction.

To Reach Patients – Hospitals and doctor groups can use our marketing solutions to run highly targeted campaigns to specialized audiences of patients on our platform.

How Do You Make Money?

Our digital platform provides a suite of opportunities for hospitals, health systems, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, and others to achieve their strategic marketing goals:


Subscription Packages – Hospitals and clinics can customize subscription packages that include in-person video film shoots, post-production and editing, and a distribution platform for sharing educational and marketing videos. Whether distributed online or in the clinic, our videos guide patients through their health journey to help hospitals reduce readmissions, save doctors’ time, cut costs, and increase patient volume and satisfaction.


Digital Advertising  We work with organizations in the pharmaceutical, medical equipment, and consumer brand industries to produce digital advertising and sponsorship solutions that effectively reach a hyper-targeted set of doctors and patients to increase brand awareness and engagement. Our innovative solutions are intuitive and unobtrusive. With our trusted community-focused platform, we can ensure that doctor engagements are uniquely organic and additive.


Licensing  Doctorpedia has the world’s largest collection of over 6,000 doctor-led healthcare videos that can be licensed to universities, corporations, and health systems in customized audience-specific packages. Sample packages include video series on popular topics such as College Life, Stress, Sexual Health, and Pregnancy.

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