December 15, 2021


The most common presentation or symptom that might alert you or your doctor that testicular cancer is present is a new, hard area or lump in the testicle. I want you to know that if a doctor uses a term like lump, mass, lesion, nodule, those terms are pretty much used interchangeably. This is why it’s very important for men to do testicular self exam and learn what the normal feeling and consistency of the testicle is. So that if something new develops, although this is quite rare, you can bring it to the attention of your doctor. Typically, this is painless, although occasionally it can be tender to the touch. More advanced cases of testicular cancer, for example stage two or three, where it has started to spread, the place with testicular cancer likes to go is lymph nodes in your abdomen. And sometimes around your clavicle. This might be felt as a lump or swelling in any of these areas. So the symptoms of testicular cancer really depend on whether it’s localized just in the testicle or has spread further.