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Calm is a subscription-based app that promotes relaxation through meditations, sleep stories, nature images, and sounds. The guided meditations give users choices in topic (calming anxiety, deep sleep, forgiveness, gratitude, and more), length of time (from three to 25 minutes), and nature scenes. There’s a Calm Kids section of meditations that helps children to learn calming techniques like belly breaths and loving kindness, as well as sleep stories for children age 3 and up. Users can set a daily reminder and view their streaks and number of total meditation minutes.



To use Calm, the user first downloads the app for the free trial period and creates a user profile. The user can tap the Meditate tab to view guided and unguided meditation options. The user then chooses an individual session and taps Start Session to begin. In the Music section, a user can choose instrumental music options, and in the Sleep section, the user has access to sleep stories. In addition, the user can tap the mountain icon in the top right to choose from more than 30 nature scenes with relaxing sounds. After extended use, use can be tracked and progress can be shared on social media.

This app provides ways to relax and focus for users who are new to meditation, regular meditators, visual and auditory processors, preschoolers, teens, and adults. After subscribing to Calm, the user can explore the many options before encountering a stressful moment or sleepless night. Some of Calm’s sleep meditations are 2-minute exercises, while others can span 30 minutes or longer. The audio stories take users on everything from slow railroad rides through the countryside to imaginary worlds that are perfect for kids.



The in-app instructions show how mindfulness and a focus on breathing are two primary goals of meditation. Calm teaches the necessity to remove stressful thoughts and focus on the simplicity of breathing where you are to turn down the volume of your busy life.



While we all sleep, there are distinct differences between healthy and unhealthy sleep patterns. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of these differences. This is where the educational information from Calm teaches patterns and behaviors for a restful night so you can be ready to tackle the day ahead.



Calm expands on the connection between mind and body by offering video lessons for mindful movement. It even provides gentle stretching techniques to prepare your body when you hope to relax your mind.



The sounds of your surroundings can make a significant impact on how easily you are able to relax. Calm recognizes this truth and offers exclusive music that is carefully selected to help you focus, relax, and sleep.



Calm’s app is very easy to use, and the Sleep Stories section has bedtime stories for both children and adults that are read aloud by people with soothing voices, including celebrities. Calm’s breathing tool is especially serene, and it uses visual cues to guide users through inhales and exhales. There are also collections of soundtracks that are meant to be followed consecutively for a period of time such as the “7 Days of Sleep” series.



Only a few stories are included free, but getting a subscription unlocks a huge library of meditations made specifically for sleep. The subscription price is very high ($12.99/month or $59.99/year).

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