EliteHRV prepares you for competitions with its set of tools to monitor your heart rate variability as well as your recovery from exercise and stress levels. 



If you have a HRV sensor, link it with the EliteHRV app and gain access to useful insights based on your health info. The app takes your heart rate variability readings and uses them to build personalized insights, charts and graphs on how to improve your performance on the field or in the gym. 

All you’ll need is 60 seconds to take an HRV reading. If you have 2 minutes to spare, you’ll gain even more useful information – EliteHRV says it can give you the “ability to handle more stress.” Although this is quite a claim, the app does come with various guides on how to breathe properly, something that can reduce stress.

In addition to heart rate and breathing monitoring, EliteHRV is able to track your sleep, mood, body weight, and even blood glucose levels. This app should be in every fitness enthusiast’s toolkit, provided they have a compatible HRV sensor. 



Effective, packed with features, based on science



Requires an HRV sensor device

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