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You can learn to better analyze and identify contributing factors to your headaches and migraines through the iHeadache app. iHeadache allows you to track your headache frequency, medications, and other forms of treatment. You can get to the root of your recurring headaches to find the solution that works best for you.



iHeadache uses a diary format to track your headaches to determine what kinds of headaches you have, what symptoms you have, and what triggers them. It also tracks your medication usage and other treatments so you can see which are most effective. Your profile settings are where you enter this important information, so if you can’t see the trend, you can share reports with your doctors to help.


“iHeadache allows you to track your headache frequency, medications, and other forms of treatment.”


Diary to Track Headaches

Since headaches can seem to come out of nowhere, it’s important to log when they occur. Not only are the times important but noting the symptoms in your iHeadache diary can also help you. Recording what you believe triggers your headaches when they occur can help you find the best way to minimize them.


Track Your Medication and Other Treatments

It’s important to track your medication in the iHeadache app so you or your doctor can see which are working best for you. You may also use other forms of treatment, but if you’re not logging it you won’t know which ones are actually working.


Your Profile Settings

Since the cause and solutions of headaches and migraines can be different for everyone, iHeadache requires you to create your specific profile settings before you begin logging information. This could lead to you recognizing a trend in headache triggers or medications/treatments that work. Even if you don’t, you can share your logged reports with your doctor who may be able to see a pattern and suggest the most effective solution for you.

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