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Insight Timer is an online meditation community, which allows the user to connect with other meditators around the world. The user can make friends, see who else is using the app at the same time, and even send them a “Thanks for meditating with me” message. The Insight Timer app is also a way of timing your own meditation practice, with different starting bells available, including the traditional Tibetan singing bowl. The user can set the duration, number of intervals, and ambient background sound to create different presets for your meditation sessions



Insight Timer has a large library of guided meditations (60,000 free meditations) as well as talks from a wide variety of teachers. The user can search for topics centered around different emotions, benefits, types of practices, and traditions. The user can listen to thousands of different music tracks and stories to help them sleep. The upgraded version also has 10-30 day courses that the user can take, in subjects as diverse as anxiety, grief, Buddhism, Chakras, addiction, fertility, masculinity, tantra, attracting love, Ayurveda, and mindfulness for teens.


Most of the content of this app is free. Users can upgrade to the premium version to access their “Daily Insight,” additional material, downloadable content, and the entire catalogue of 150 courses. 



The app has preset timers to keep you on track for your own meditation sessions. There is an extensive library of guided meditations and talks. In addition, the user can bookmark their favorite meditations and teachers. The user can create a personal profile with stats, milestones, messages, notifications, and groups. Most of the app is free. 



Some people may not enjoy comparing their meditation process to that of others.

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