Kaia Health Software presents Back Pain Exercises - Kaia. The app was created by pain experts of Klinikum rechts der Isar in Munich and is based on the National Guidelines for the Treatment of LBP (Lower Back Pain). The goal of the Kaia Back Pain Relief app is to bring relief from a back workout to your home. It also allows you to customize an exercise plan to your specific needs. The reasons why your back pain occurs and ways to deal with them are also explained, via videos from medical professionals.

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Jason B.

January 31, 8:43AM

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In terms of what it does, a great app for managing back pain, and I like the notifications. It's cool that there are time slots to have a virtual meeting with an instructor! But here's the sticker for me... they ask you to sign up for a weekly payment which is just too expensive for me! It's a free trial for 7 days but after that, you have to pay. It's a shame because it's actually an extremely useful app to manage pain and the exercises are excellent. Ultimately it's cheaper than paying for an actual trainer or exercise classes but it's still out of the reach of what I'll pay for. But if you can afford it, great.


Great exercises, very well done for managing pain.


Too expensive for me and after 7 days the payment kicks in and you can't use it without paying.

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