Some kids fall asleep the moment their heads hit the pillow. Others aren’t so fortunate. If you just can’t manage to put your kid to bed and you’re at the end of your rope, an app like Moshi may be able to help.



According to Moshi’s App Store page, 97% of parents who used the app say it helps get their kids to sleep “quicker than usual” and 95% noted that it makes “bedtime less stressful.” Moshi was also tested in a 2020 study which concluded that kids fell asleep 28 minutes earlier, slept for 22 minutes longer, and woke up 50 percent less often during the night after using the app for only 10 days.


So how does Moshi do it? The app includes a vast library of meditations, deep breathing exercises, sleep sounds, bedtime stories, and relaxing music that your kid will love. The content Moshi offers is suitable for kids of all ages. 


The app offers a 7-day free trial for the full version. After the trial has concluded, you can purchase a premium subscription to unlock all content, starting at $39.99.


Pros: Wide variety of stories, meditations and other content. Very effective in doing what it’s intended to do.


Cons: Need a premium subscription to access the full version.

Download Moshi on the App Store or on Google Play (4.7/5 stars).

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Erika Aragona, DO

July 9, 12:55AM

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I LOVE this app, but I think the best review is telling you that my children love it even more than I do! The various stories, calming music, and relaxation techniques used to peacefully and successfully help kids soothe into sleep are invaluable. I may have even dozed off myself when listening to this with my kids, and how could I not? They basically do cognitive guided imagery to help set the tone for relaxation and healthy sleep. From a busy, full-time doctor and full-time mom, I mean it when I say this app is golden for bedtime.


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