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When is no treatment the best treatment?

Avatar Dr. Kyle Bickel Jun 21, 2019

When we think of treatments for depression, we often divide them into medical and non-medical categories. Medical categories being ones that generally a medical doctor would be prescribing or administering, and non-medical ones being ones that either a medical doctor or a psychologist, a licensed therapist or a social worker might be prescribing as well. Let’s start with the non-medical treatments first. First treatment would be no treatment, funnily enough. Sometimes a watchful waiting approach, monitoring someone, giving them time to recover, renewing their focus on the bread and butter activities of a healthy lifestyle. For example, focusing on their sleep, deepening their connections, exercising, renewing their commitment to meaningful pursuits in their life. That may be all that’s needed in some instances to lift the depression. The decision to opt for that track should ideally be made by a mental health professional.

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