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Alternative Medicine

June 21, 2019

Meditation/relaxation exercises can be helpful for some individuals who are struggling with depression. Mindfulness (whereby a person non-judgmentally notices the thoughts and feelings that they’re experiencing), focusing on a person’s breathing, stretching – all may have some role (certainly adjunctively – meaning in addition to – regular treatments) for the treatment of depressive disorders. Light therapy, whereby a person uses a light box to provide illumination at certain times during the day for certain intervals, has also been shown to be helpful for some people with depression. While this used to be used more for seasonal affective disorder (meaning people who have depression that manifests more during the winter months or specific times a year) it has been shown that in some people this can be beneficial. The decision to use a light box, though, should always be done with the guidance of a professional as there are some specific details that have to be worked out and it is not necessarily without any risks.

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