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June 21, 2019

The third intervention is anti-inflammatories. The American public hasn’t been taught well about any inflammatories although it’s certainly getting smarter about it and there’s more information now than there ever was, which is good. What we’re specifically talking about is drugs that aren’t Tylenol and drugs, which generally are either aspirin or other, so called nonsteroidals. There’s are things like Naproxen, which is in naprosyn or things like Piroxicam which is in Feldene. That’s a prescription drug. Sulindac which is in Clinoril. Some are available over the counter and so it’s easy enough to go down and get some Ibuprofen or Aleve. Ibuprofen, new printed Advil are the trade names you can use generally in the order of 400 milligrams, which is two the pills three or four times a day. You have to use it three or four times a day because the half life, a little variable on patients, but some it may be as short as six hours to summit baby as long as eight. Naproxen on the other hand, which is Aleve and is sold under a variety of other different trade names in Costco and Walgreens. But that is twice a day dosing of two the pills. Now there are certainly, you don’t want to rush out and do that if you’re a patient who has kidney failure and maybe if you’re over 65 you may want to cut it down to just one. Or if you have other health factors, and certainly talking with your doctor isn’t a bad idea. But brace, ice, anti-inflammatory for acute muscular tendinous, low back pain, that’s a smart move.

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