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Can You Snap Out of it?

June 21, 2019

Unfortunately a very common theme in our society is the idea that you could just snap out of depression. Sometimes this works, I guess, but then it wasn’t really depression in the first place. Real depression has a really strong grip on you and it gets a hold of the chemicals in your brain. When you don’t have enough serotonin or enough of the neurotransmitters created by your brain that you need to feel what we would call typical then that’s when you have depression. To snap out of it doesn’t make any sense because your brain would literally have to create more chemicals and we can get those chemicals sometimes by exercising or sleeping more or using healthy things for our body, but most likely you can’t just snap out of it. You probably need to process through why you’re depressed in the first place and go through all of the things making you sad and angry and go through that with somebody. Another thing is that many times with depression, you just have to have antidepressants. Nothing else has seemed to work and you could stay in that space for a really, really long time without the antidepressants to help you.

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