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Causes Overview

June 21, 2019

So now we’re talking about another category of low back pain, and that’s chronic low back pain and chronic low back pain without radiation down the leg is, I think, probably not fair to say it’s still a medical mystery, but I think it’s fair to say that medicine doesn’t do very well with it. If you just have low back pain day in, day out, it doesn’t go down your legs, isn’t made worse with walking, isn’t made worse with standing. You’ve treated it with any inflammatories, which are things such as new printer, Advil, two pills, three maybe four times a day or Aleve, one or two pills twice a day. And you’ve done that for several weeks in the back pain’s just hanging on. And now we’ve gotten to not just six weeks, but we’ve gotten to eight weeks, we’ve gotten to 12 weeks. This often is a tough nut to crack and the imaging becomes hugely important. It’s difficult to probably list every known possible thing that you could see on the imaging. But the most common thing that you will see on the imaging is that the imaging is normal.

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