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June 21, 2019

Pituitary tumors can be, all kinds of tumors of course, but in general, most pituitary tumors, when we talk about pituitary tumors, the most common type is something called the pituitary adenoma, which the overwhelming majority are benign. But chemotherapy just as the word means, anything that you’re using chemicals to treat. So technically a lot of the medications we use would be called chemotherapy, but, but most people, when they hear the word chemotherapy, they’re thinking of cancer treatment and chemotherapy. And so pituitary Adenomas are overwhelmingly benign. Now, the interesting thing about pituitary Adenomas is there’s no way for the pathologist to know whether it’s benign or not, and it’s clinical behavior determines whether it’s benign or malignant, but virtually all and what do I mean by that? 99 plus percent of pituitary Adenomas are benign tumors, and it’s an exceptional tumor that actually metastasizes. So chemotherapy and pituitary adenoma in general, in clinical practice, we are combining the use of those two treatments.

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