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Chronic Back Pain Overview

June 21, 2019

Chronic back pain is back pain that persists and lasts longer than really six weeks. And chronic back pain comes in a lot of different flavors as well, it can have a variety of different causes, it may not have anything to do with the muscles, ligaments and tendons like acute back pain does, or it may have the cute muscle tenderness and spasm that’s been going on and acute back pain that’s becoming chronic and it just hanging around and has been very difficult to treat or maybe hasn’t been treated. But a lot of the patients who have the chronic low back pain it may come from muscles, ligaments and tendons. It may come from bony arthritis. It may come from the fact that there’s malalignment. Not so much scoliosis. A lot of people believe scoliosis in the lay public, but not so much unless it’s really rather severe scoliosis. It may come from a malalignment where the vertebrae are actually sliding forward one on another or it may come from infectious processes or it may come from unfortunately, processes that are neoplastic. Neoplastic is medically used for tumor tumor causing back pain is very rare, but in patients who’ve had a previous known cancer, perhaps lung cancer or uterine cancer or thyroid cancer, that then those patients may then, if they have back pain, that’s a red flag as it were. It’s a signal that says, Gee, this needs to be investigated.

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