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Colon Cancer Treatments

June 21, 2019

If a piece of tissue or a polyp is removed during your colonoscopy and after it’s been analyzed and if it comes back and you’re told that it is cancer, there are different treatments possible depending on the subsequent screening that’s done on the patient, which means a CT scan is done, the pathology of the polyp is reviewed, and a lot of times an oncologist is incorporated into your team in order to help you and guide you in terms of what your treatment will be. Sometimes if it’s a polyp that can be removed, what is true and an endoscope, you may need a subsequent colonoscopy to remove the remaining portions of that polyp, if any was left. If it is a polyp that cannot be removed endoscopically, then the patient may require a surgical resection, which means a surgeon would go in and remove that portion of the colon that has the lesion, and some patients do require chemotherapy and radiation either before surgery or after surgery.

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