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Condition Follow Through

June 21, 2019

After say several years of looking at the same spot there may be enough confidence on the part of both patient and a physician that checking this further is not going to be meaningful. A perfect case in point would be, let me get a case illustration might be somebody who’s in their late eighties, medically, somewhat frail already. A pituitary spot gets discovered. Hormones get checked, they’re completely normal and another one year, two years, five years passes and the spot hasn’t changed in size. Now the patient is now in the early nineties. And I think then it’s perfectly reasonable for both patient and physician to come to some sort of conclusion that maybe it’s not going to be that worthwhile checking this again because it costs time, energy, money and at the end of the day does it really change the decision making that would be involved even if that spot where to grow a tiny bit more, you sort of plot out that hey look, it’s going to be 30 years before that spot at that growth rate is going to create some sort of mass effect problem. And patients already in their late eighties and some patients might say, Hey, doc, let’s forego it. And the doc may say, yeah, I think that’s reasonable.

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