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June 21, 2019

Once you’ve decided that you may want to proceed with the LASIK procedure, it’s important to have a preoperative consultation. Prior to that visit, you need to go out and your contact lenses for a good week. If you wear hard lenses, you need to be out of them for about two to three weeks prior to that preoperative consultation. The reason is is that contact lenses do have an effect on the curvature and also on the general health of the surface of the eye. We want the cornea, the front part of the eye to go back to its natural position prior to obtaining the final measurements. It is these measurements that go into determining the final prescription that we put into the laser. Some of the additional tests that are performed at a LASIK consultation will be the measurement of one’s pupil size. The corneal curvature and shape will be measured. And an exam of one’s glasses, prescription after dilation, will also be performed.

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