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June 21, 2019

An ulcer, in general, is anytime you get a loss of the Mucosa of the lining of any type of tissue. It’s when you get any type of inflammation, irritation or mucosal damage, which then leads to a loss of the tissue that can lead to erosion into an artery or a vessel, which can lead to bleeding or pain. Ulcers are very common. We see them in all ranges of patients from young patients to older patients. There’s multiple different etiologies to what causes an ulcer. It could be from a bacteria called H. Pylori. It could be from certain types of medications, such as anti-inflammatory medications. It can be from certain types of stressful environments that a patient is in, which leads to increase acid in the stomach, which can lead to ulcers. There’s multiple different etiologies and multiple different treatments for ulcers.

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