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June 21, 2019

Diagnosing Crohn’s disease can be easy when It’s clear cut. But in certain situations, Crohn’s disease diagnosis can be fairly challenging. And it’s very, very important that before one commits to a life of diagnosis with Crohn’s disease and chronic immunosuppressant medications, that the appropriate tests have been done to make sure that this is in fact Crohn’s disease and not an infection or some other cause of the patient’s symptoms. Oftentimes, a test is done and it could be a false positive test result. And patients are put on medications that they stay on for very, very long time. So if there is a doubt, if there’s some inconsistencies, I always recommend for patients to seek specialized medical attention, whether it’s in the form of a gastroenterologist who specializes in Crohn’s disease or seeing inflammatory bowel disease specialist to make sure that all the pieces of the puzzle are put together and the diagnosis is accurate before starting on immunosuppressants.

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