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Diagnosis and Cure

June 21, 2019

If you find yourself lying in bed at night, staring at the ceiling when you’re trying to go to sleep because you’re worried about these problems that are headed your way, whether they’re real or imagined, it’s possible that you might be experiencing generalized anxiety disorder. But don’t let that possibility be another worry for you because if you are, there are plenty of treatments available that can help you to feel better. Your first step will be to seek help from a mental health professional who will speak with you, learn about what you’re experiencing, and then properly assess you to determine whether you’re experiencing generalized anxiety disorder. Some of the things that they’ll want to know include some of the symptoms that I mentioned just a second ago. Are you experiencing excessive worry about a variety of topics for an extended period of time, six months or more? That seems difficult to control. Also, they’ll be asking about other symptoms you might be experiencing, including physical and emotional symptoms such as irritability or difficulty sleeping or concentrating, even muscle soreness. They’ll also be asking about other factors in your life such as stressors that you’re facing, ways that you cope with them and your use of substances – including alcohol, caffeine, and other drugs. With a proper assessment, a mental health professional can help you understand the feelings that you’re experiencing, and if you end up being diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, then they can help you create a plan to feel better.

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