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Different Hormones

June 21, 2019

Another hormone is ACTH and you don’t have to remember the letters there, but that’s what controls our steroid function. And there are pituitary tumors that secrete too much of this. And then people get a condition called Cushing’s disease, named after one of the famous neurosurgeons, probably the grandfather of neurosurgery. Another hormone that it produces is prolactin. And Prolactin is a hormone produced after pregnancy in a woman which allows milk production. And this is actually a very common, pituitary tumor where too much prolactin and gets made. And there’s men who start lactating. And if you don’t think that’s a strange thing, it is to the point that some men are afraid to even bring it to the attention of their physicians. On the other hand, some men are of course, so frightened by it that that’s the first thing they run to is Oh, Geez, I’ve got breast development and lactation going on. So that’s another hormone.

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