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Dr. David Teeple Introduction

June 21, 2019

My name is Dave Teeple. I’m a neurologist at The Center for Neurosciences. A little bit about me. I’m actually born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. Went to high school at South Point High School. Went to the University of Arizona where I was a biochemistry major and born and raised in Tucson. Sort of had to the itch to get out. So left Tucson and went to medical school in New York City at Columbia University where I spent four years. Loved it. New York City is a fantastic city, but I realized how much I missed home. And so I sort of came back around. I did my residency and actually did a preliminary year of medicine at the University of Arizona where, so basically I was an intern and then did a neurology residency at Barrow Neurological Institute where I was chief resident and then did an epilepsy fellowship there as well. And then after epilepsy fellowship moved to Tucson to be the epileptologist for TMC, the adult epileptologist for TMC and also for The Center for Neurosciences. And in practice here for six years. I’m married, I have two wonderful kids, love living in Tucson. Since I’ve been here because this is my home, sort of, I think I’ve been trying to be very active in making Tucson a place where I’d want to get my healthcare. And that’s been as the director of stroke at TMC, I’m the division head of neurology at Tucson Medical Center. I am the president of the American heart and stroke association, really focusing on stroke. Been heavily involved in the epilepsy foundation, chairing the walk here, and also just being involved. And then over the last two years, I’ve actually been the director of the transitional residency program at THMEP, which is a fun way for me to be involved in the academic side of medicine, which I really love as well. I am on faculty at the University of Arizona as well. I do teach the neurology residents from the University of Arizona.

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