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Feeling More Confident

June 21, 2019

Making life decisions is naturally anxiety-provoking and stressful. However, you can feel more secure in your life decisions by taking a few steps: the first step that’s important to start with would be to hone into your own personal values. Think about the values that guide your life and think about how this decision can fit with those values. Maybe you get a new job opportunity in a different state, but that would take you further away from your family and you really value being around your family. That’s an important value to consider in this decision-making process. Second, it’s very important to think about all the different options that you could possibly take when making a decision – even the ones that feel dumb or that you’re definitely not going to do – consider those. Then list out all the pros (the positives) to making a certain decision and the cons (the negatives) to making a certain decision. You can look at all of these laid out and that can make you feel more comfortable that you’re really thinking through this decision thoroughly. Lastly, it’s very important to remember that there’s no perfect decision in life ever and that every decision is going to come with positives and negatives. Having some compassion for yourself and making decisions is challenging but it really helps you to feel more secure and understanding of yourself when you’re having some trouble making decisions in life.

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