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Fertility and Pregnancy

June 21, 2019

Especially in our female patients there’s questions about the effects of Crohn’s disease on fertility and the effects of Crohn’s disease during pregnancy. So in terms of fertility, the most important thing is that the Crohn’s disease is well controlled. Well controlled, Crohn’s disease is the best thing one can do chances of fertility. Certain medications of course can affect fertility, men or women. And so that’s something that people need to discuss with their doctor if they are trying to get pregnant. In terms of pregnancy, the most important thing when it comes to the health of the baby is the health of the mother. So a pregnant person with Crohn’s disease must make sure the disease is well controlled during the course of the pregnancy and there are a number of different medications that now have been shown to be very, very safe during pregnancy. And so a person should consult with their doctor, their OBGYN and their gastroenterologist, to come up with a regimen that is both safe and effective to make sure that the disease is controlled during pregnancy. I would not recommend for someone who’s got poorly controlled Crohn’s disease to get pregnant. It’s advisable to get the disease under control before trying to get pregnant.

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