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Future Effects

June 21, 2019

Because most cataracts develop simply because of age, it’s very common for patients to come in with cataracts in both eyes. They often ask if we do the procedure on both eyes the same day like we do with LASIK surgery, for example, but with cataract surgery we usually do one eye in one day and the other eye a week or two later. People also wonder if their cataracts can grow back and the answer is: no. Cataracts themselves do not grow back. However, behind the lens implant, patients can develop a cloudy membrane that forms and that can happen anywhere from 3 months to 30 years after their cataract surgery. It may seem to the patient like they’re getting their cataract back, but that’s really not what’s happening. That membrane can be treated with an in-office laser procedure which is really easy for the patient to go through and the visual recovery is rather quick.

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