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Getting In Touch With Your Feelings

June 21, 2019

It’s important to become in tune with our feelings as they provide important information to us. They impact the way we think and behave and they help us feel more connected to our sense of self. One really important and easy way to feel more in tune with your feelings is to notice what the physical sensations you’re having are, particularly when you’re feeling off or things feel kind of out of sort. So for example, you might take a moment to step back and notice, has my heart rate changed? Am I feeling tension somewhere in my body? Am I sweating? These are good cues that you may be feeling a certain emotion. It’s also really important to learn the different names of emotions. So in addition to happiness and sadness, also anger and the more emotions we don’t think about as much like shyness. Lastly, it’s helpful to journal and to write down your thoughts and feelings and reflect on them later. That can really help you get in tune with your feelings. If you tend to be someone who wants to avoid feelings, is important to know that they’re there as much as we try to suppress them. And the more we resist them, they tend to persist.

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