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Healthy Eating Habits

Often when people are diagnosed with diabetes, they get sad because they think ÒNow I can never eat chocolate cake again.Ó But thatÕs not what weÕre recommending these days for people with diabetes. A healthy diet for someone with diabetes is the same as a healthy diet for any of us. All of us should make healthy food choices as much as possible and try to avoid the less healthy food choices. We should try to eat apples instead of apple pie. But that doesnÕt mean that when you visit your grandmother and she made her famous apple pie that you canÕt have it once. You just try to choose the healthy more often and the unhealthy less often. We donÕt focus on particular foods Ð there are no foods you canÕt eat and there are no foods that you should be eating. We want people to overall have a healthy pattern of eating and healthy habits in general. Specific food changes are not as important.

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