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Hormone Dysfunction

June 21, 2019

Pituitary masses produce an entire new different wrinkle into this because a pituitary mass can be awfully small, so small that it’s not really pushing on anything. The pituitary really isn’t implicated and it doesn’t really, cause seizures can’t do that. Pituitary tumors have to get really massive before they produce water on the brain. But the new wrinkle that they have is that even this teeny little mass can start secreting hormones and those hormones can wreak havoc all through the body and produce all these changes in different parts of the body and so pituitary masses can present with symptoms in a patient and a whole different way, and namely hormonal dysfunction. And so pituitary masses can certainly produce symptoms by what they push into if they get big enough. But they’ve got this different way of producing symptoms by the dysfunction that they produce on hormones, either by too much hormone secretion or too little hormone secretion.

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