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Hormones Summary

June 21, 2019

So let’s summarize very, very quickly. Prolactin, milk production, and a lot of pituitary tumors do that. Growth Hormone, you get gigantism or acromegaly depending on the stage of life if that pituitary tumor is to creating that. You’ve got Cushing’s disease, too much steroid production, and that’s another uncommon pituitary tumor, but a common condition in the neurosurgical world. And then, thyroid hormone, which you don’t see many pituitary tumors produce too much of, but a lot of cases where they’re producing too few of. You’ve got, then the dysfunction of the sexual hormones. And then the water hormone irregulation which dysfunctional if they get an operation, but otherwise, not too many tumors that produce that as a problem. And then, finally oxytocin, which we don’t make much of a fuss of.

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