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Impacts On Elderly

June 21, 2019

Usually the elderly group, the stenosis impacts their lives hugely. I had one lady who said that for two months prior to her surgery, her husband was carrying her around the house because she couldn’t get from room to room. She first went to a walker and then went to a cane and the last time I saw her she’d graduated away from the cane and was doing pretty well. Long Distance, she still had a cane, but both from an impact from the disease process and an impact you could make surgically just wow. I mean it’s just orders of magnitude in terms of of degradation or declining quality of life and then the ability to improve that for people. The nice thing would be is if we could do it for 100% of those people, and we can do it for 90-95% of those people and well sorted out cases, but some of those patients are your most rewarding when they’ve been operated on or when they’ve been injected that those patients come back to you and they say, you’ve given me my life back. So huge impact. Financially, stenosis tends to be a much longer process than the first two. And usually the decline has occurred over months and most often years. It’s not such an acute process. It’s chronic.

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