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Implants And Stem Cells

June 21, 2019

Are we going to be able to come up with things that we can then implant? And the corollary of that is, in other words, like for instance, new spines, Well, new spines would be really technically difficult right now, but we may come up with things so that we can grow new things in people just as they’re sitting there. In other words, there’s a recent material, and I won’t use the trade name, it’s injected in knees and with the idea of providing some lubrication to knees. Well this is really crude. This is like, you know, the first sundials and thinking that we’re going to get to, you know, atomic watches soon. But having said that, if we can come up with things that we can then grow from stem cells or from even people’s own regular cells to extract the DNA. Ooh, Gee, you’ve got this mucked up L3-4 and we’re going to give you a new L3-4. But what we’re gonna do is we’re going to inject it and then it’s going to grow there. It’s going to take the place of the bad one. That’s, you know, a long ways away. But that’s ultimately what it is. But that dovetails then with something else. And that is, is that when we start investigating, why do we age? Why can’t we make an exact copy of a skin cell that was there yesterday and we make a new one today? Why is it different? Why does our skin get different as we age? Why do our spines get different as we age? Why do they do these things? Why don’t they just stay static? Why don’t we replace, you know, just like we can’t a carburetor and a 57 Chevy, with that one goes bad and rots, we put in a new carburetor. So that’s another avenue.

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