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June 21, 2019

Hello, this is Eugene Trowers from the University of Arizona Department of Medicine Division at Gi. I graduated from the New York University School of Medicine. I graduated from my Residency Program, Columbia Service at Harlem Hospital in New York. I completed my NIH Gi training at the University of Washington in Seattle. Currently I’m a professor of medicine and the Division of Gi and I’m the director of Gi services, at the University of Arizona South campus facility. I also serve as director of internal medicine residency program at the South campus. In Gi, my area of interest, I see patients who have swallowing disorders and I perform high resolution manometry studies to help diagnose and guide the treatment of these individuals. One project I’m very interested in is patient medical education. Currently I’m writing a book with Dr. Marc Tishler and Karen Spear Ellingwood concerning the empowerment of patients when they visit their doctor, such that they can better follow along in the doctor patient dialogue and be better partners when time for decision making, testing and management arise.

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