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IUD Types

June 21, 2019

We’re going to break the different types of IUDs into categories. First, there are progesterone-only IUDs and the subset of progesterone-only IUDs is that they are specifically for nulliparous patients – meaning patients that have not had any children. They are a little bit smaller in width to accommodate the smaller uterus that has not bore children. That is the 3-year Syla and the 5-year Kyleena. Then another subset of progesterone IUDs is the Liletta (which is 4 years) and the Mirena (which is 5 years.) These are slightly larger but can also be used in nulliparous patients. There’s also an IUD that has no hormones at all, and that’s called the ParaGard. It lasts for 10 years.

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