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Lifestyle Effects Danger

June 21, 2019

Epilepsy can have a big effect on a patient’s life and lifestyle and a couple of things to sort of think about one, epilepsy and, and sort of life in general is specifically things like driving, getting around. Epilepsy and driving is a state-specific issue. Each state has its own laws and own ways of sort of approaching it. In Arizona, the law says that one you’re supposed to report to the department of motor vehicles if you have epilepsy. And then if you have a seizure that causes alteration of consciousness, you can’t drive for three months. After three months, there’s a form to fill out by the physician that allows you to drive again. Other things that, you know, people don’t always think about if they’re having seizures that can be dangerous. Swimming alone, very dangerous. Working at heights, working with heavy machinery, and problems can occur with respect to job and professions such as, anything that involves driving a motor vehicle, truck driver or operating heavy machinery such as at a mine. Things like that can be difficult jobs for someone with epilepsy to have, mostly because they’re dangerous.

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