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Managing Stress at Work

June 21, 2019

Many of us spend half or more of our waking hours at work, so it contributes disproportionately to our sense of stress and anxiety in the rest of our lives. One thing that contributes to stress and anxiety in the workplace is disorganization. One quick way that you can begin to get your arms around the duties that you have and feel less stressed by them is simply to become more organized, which can be as simple as keeping a daily to-do list or being more diligent about entering your upcoming appointments in a calendar so that you know exactly when things will be happening. This reduces the unknown that often gives rise to anxiety. Something else I recommend is to take frequent breaks throughout the work day – so something you might try is something I call the “50-10 approach.” Work hard for 50 minutes and then take a 10 minute break each hour and use that 10 minutes to get up and go hydrate or go for a walk or do a quick meditation while you’re sitting at your desk and then go back to work for the next 50 minutes. What a lot of people find is that doing it this way, they end up more productive during the working 50 minutes than if they just try to push through an entire work day nonstop. Now that being said, in your quest to be a productive successful worker – make sure that you’re being realistic about what you’re trying to achieve within the time limits that you have available. Furthermore, you need to really pay attention to your whole life wellbeing. So guard your personal time and as much as you want this to succeed at work, make sure you’re devoting equal time to your physical, social, and psychological health so that you’re not only a successful worker, but a successful and happy human being.

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